Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday and Saturday Trips

This was a busy week for me with two guide trips on my days off.

Friday I took Mike and Jeff to a new pond in Allen. It was Mike's second fly fishing trip
but his first oportunity to catch a fish on "the fly" We found bluegill on their beds and needless to say he caught his first fly fish and about 49 more before we left.

Close up of the "first fly fish"!!!


Oh yeah, Jeff caught a few also!!!

Saturday I took Anil and his TFO Finess 1wt to the same pond. He caught a few nice bluegills also.


And then he caught this guy.



We're going to say this was a productive fishing weekend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TPWD Area Chief Meeting - April 16 & 17th

I took off to Killeen on Saturday morning for our annual TPWD Area Chief meeting at Parrie Haynes Ranch on the beautiful Lampassas River. A good time was had by all and lots of information sharing and networking took place.

Saturday afternoon when all the sessions were over there were a couple of hours of free time so I grabbed my trusty TFO rod and headed to the river. The fish were not cooperating at first but then they turned on.
I caught several bass, a few green sunfish, and a beautiful orange sunfish.

Here's the whole clan!!!

If you're not a TPWD Angler Ed Instructor and want to be, get with me. We can make it happen!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Loy Lake Friday

I headed out to Loy Lake on Friday to do a pre-trip scouting expedition.
The wind was still up but it was safe to fish. I first fished the dam area catching a few greenies and a couple of small bass. Then I headed to an area know to hold bedding bluegill. When I got to the area I cast an olive Cap Spider under an indicator and immediately caught a nice gill. Every cast after that yeilded me a nice bluegill. I caught and released over 100 gills that morning before heading home.

Tyler State Park Presidents Retreat

Last Wednesday and Thursday Russell (Pres of FWFF) and I took off to Lake Tyler State Park for some well deserved R&R. We got there early Wednesday morning and put my kick-boats in to try our hand at a  little fishing. "Little" being the key word. Shortly after launching the wind picked up and was gusting between 30 and 35 mph. I caught the only fish before we decided to play it safe and return to shore.

We decided to run up the road and give the Freshwater Fishery Center in Athens a try. That was an interesting adventure also. The bass were on their beds right up next to the shore and would not bite under any circumstances.

Here's a 10 - 12#  female and her mate.

When they ran us out at 4:30 it was time to head to the Bean & Burger for some lunch/dinner.

When we got up Thursday the wind had died down some and we fished for a few hours catching a few small bass and sunnies. Then it was time for lunch at Bodacious BBQ and to head home.

It was a good time and I look forward to the next one.