Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thank goodness summer is over!!!

I have not blogged in a while as the summer heat had me shut in and doing practically zero fishing.
Well, summer is over and now that fall is here I have lots to report.

First, we just returned from the Southern Council FFF's annual Fly Fishing Fair in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The Red River Fly Fishers had a great showing there this year and really enjoyed the fair and the fishing. We were blessed this year to bring home the Club of the Year Award and I received the Federator of the Year Award.

I did mention the fishing was good. We fished the Norfolk, the White, Crooked Creek, and the Spring.
I caught my personal best (approximately 26") rainbow while fishing the Spring River.

While enroute home I received a text that my newest Grand Daughter Alaina Rea had arrived.

Now Patty and I are packing for our annual trip to Junction for Oktoberfisch.

More when we return from the S Llano!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yes I am still alive

I have been doing quite a bit of fishing but I keep leaving my camera in the console of the Cuda. Some of my most recent adventures have involved big buffalo and carp on the fly. Here are a few pics to wet your appetite.Stay tuned for more. I have lots of recent yak fish pics on the way!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red River Rendezvous

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the first ever Red River Rendezvous will take place at Bonham State Park. Fly tyers from all over the nation will gather there to relax and tie flies for 3 days. You don't want to miss out on this event.

New Year, New Fish

Well here we are 2012!!!
I have turned over a new leaf this year.
In the past I have caught and released hundreds of stocker trout.
This year I was convinced to keep some, clean them, and cook them.
I did just that. I took home a limit of 5, cut their heads off,
gutted them, removed the blood vein from the cavity, seasoned them,
and put them in the Orion. After 45 minutes I removed them and they
were fully cooked and ready to eat. You could slightly lift the skin
near the tail with a fork, hold the meat down and pull the tail which
removed all of the skin and the bones leaving nice flaky white fish.
We really enjoyed them. So, I went back on several occasions while on
my Christmas break (in January) and caught a limit, cleaned them,
and Patty put them in the freezer.

Saturday I got to take one of my 3 year old clients on a fishing trip to Bethany Lakes. He was able to catch (due to my excellent guiding skills) a bass and 2 bluegills.