Sunday, July 20, 2008


A buddy and I went to the Red River on Wednesday and it was really sloooooow.
Here I am on "The Red" in my new yak.


So, because it was so slow we decided to move to Texoma. We went to Eisenhower State Park.
We went out and the stripers decided to cooperate. Before long we were in them.
I hooked up with this big girl and the fight was on. She took approximately 75 to 80 feet of line before I got her turned.

Here she is.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Need to fish "The Red"

I'm hoping that this week I'm able to meet up with some buddies and fish The Red River below the Texoma dam. Several guys have fished it recently and had really good luck. Tishkayaker gave me a recipe for clousers that are working really well so I've got to get out in the shop and tie some. On the first trip I'm going to flyfish it and then I'll decide from there what to do on future trips.

WOOHOO we're doing it Wednesday morning. Can't wait!!!

Ole TCF Photobucket

"Fishing is what I do for fun, catching fish is a bonus." Jim Moore

Great fishin day... aren't they all?

Went to Waterloo early Sunday morning to do a little flyfishing. Wound up fishing for about 4 1/2 hours. I caught a bunch of sunfish (green, redear, coppernose) and a 3/4 pound LMB. It was overcast and raining at times. It was very relaxing and fun.


Yak in the flyfishing mode.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another great weekend...

This weekend started off really good with the purchase of my new kayak.
Thursday night I picked up an Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT.
Friday morning I met my brother (at 5AM :-{) at Lake Tawakoni to take her on her maiden voyage. We got on the lake and within minutes I was hooked up with a big ole buckemouth. I fought it for a while and when I brought it near the yak it jumped and spit my bait. We fished for several hours and, as usual, with Tawakoni the wind got up. It didn't stop us from catching fish. I caught a 12 and a 15 and Don caught a bunch of 10-12" dinks and a big catfish.


Today I took it to Waterloo and played in the wind some more. I did manage to catch a crappie before the wind convinced me to go home.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a day!!!

Took a friend fishing yesterday and we had a GREAT day on the water.
As soon as we launched we saw the sand bass churning the water and headed that way.
We got there and dropped our lines in and BAM, my buddy caught a crappie.
We worked that area and caught several more nice crappie and a few sand bass.
We kept moving and catching crappie and sand bass.
Then it happened, I caught a big ole crappie.


We ended the day with a huge stringer full of crappie and sand bass. My buddy had a great time.
This picture says it all.



Grumpy? Why? Go fishing, it is impossible to be grumpy and fish at the same time.
Thank you Lord for good friends and time to fish.