Sunday, July 31, 2011

Latest Adventures

Of course it's "hotter than a $2 pistol" here in N Texas lately.
That has really slowed down my fishing. I've been doing a few early morning trips and trying to be off the water by 10AM. The rest of the time I've been at the vise tying flies or doing speaking/teaching.

This weekend the RRFF group went to Texoma (Eisenhower State Park) to target some smallmouth bass. We launched at the lighted fishing pier with plans to fish around the cliffs at the yacht club. As soon as we got on the water the stripers exploded on top. I only had my 5wt but I quickly threw a popper on and cast that way. FISH ON, no fish (and popper) off. He hit it like a freight train and broke my 6# leader. So, I kicked around to the cliffs and started hunting for the "target species". The water blew up over there and I cast a #8 white clouser and BAM FISH ON!!! It wasn't a huge one but maybe 13-14 inches. I caught 2 smaller ones and 2 greenies before it heated up and we headed to the A/C.

Friday myself and john Fulton did a "Fly Fishing" presentation for the Preston Trail Rotary Club in Celina. They really seemed to enjoy it and asked lots of questions.

Last Saturday I met Eric at a pond and we managed to put him on some nice bass.

The poor old foam hopper was the bait of choice.
I also hooked up with a small bass on the Pearow 2WT as we were leaving.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Youngest Client

I had an opportunity on Friday to take my grandson Christian fishing.
We found a nice shady spot by a pond in Frisco, baited up his pole with a
live cricket and chunked it in.

Fish #1

Fish #2

Fish #3

He really enjoyed catching the "bluegills and boss fish".

I kinda liked it too!!!