Sunday, February 24, 2008


We worked the trout derby at Towne Lake in McKinney yesterday. They put over 3000 trout in the lake. Good thing they put a lot... there were probably 400 kids. We setup next to the registration table and I tied flies from 8 AM until noon. Lot's of kids came by and watched me tie flies and then toted them off with them. I attempted to teach them how to fish those flies under a bobber for trout but don't know if any of them did or not. The wind was blowing from the north at approximately 15 mph and cold, cold, cold...
Mic and Robin gave fly casting instruction also which was very well received.

Teaching kids to fish and helping kids fish is such a fun thing to do. If you ever get a chance, put your own pole down and take the time to fish with a kid. The look on their little face will be priceless.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Job Update

The new job is going GREAT. It is a wonderful Police Dept. with lots of seasoned officers. I should get my permanent schedule real soon so I can settle in at a couple of campuses and get into a routine. I just have to praise God for this opportunity...

Trout Derby

Next weekend we will be assisting with the Mc Kinney Kids Trout Derby. We will be teaching kids how to tie flies and how to cast a fly rod. Additionally, we will be providing flies for the kids to fish under a bobber (and hopefully catch a trout). Fly fishing is lots of fun and we like to share the enjoyment of our sport with others. Kudos to Robin for setting this up and thanks in advance to all the volunteers who plan on showing up to help. I cannot think of anything more satisfying than taking your favorite hobby and teaching a kid to enjoy it, too.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Boo Wind... you cant stop TCF from catchin fish :-)

Went to my honey hole and had very good success today. 9 huge crappie a half dozen little LMB and one huge LMB. The stupid wind didn't stop me today.



Fishing 02/02/08

I went to Little Elm and fished at the marina with some old friends. The crappie were slow. I caught a 2 pounder right off and then it was dink mania. It was fun seeing the guys and catching a few fish.

Later in the afternoon I went to Loy Lake with the big yak and fished for a few hours. I had two hookups but landed no fish. The weather was great, t-shirt and shorts, 57 degree water temp, sunshine and 68 degrees.

Come on Spring. Stupid groundhog, just had to see his shadow.