Sunday, February 24, 2008


We worked the trout derby at Towne Lake in McKinney yesterday. They put over 3000 trout in the lake. Good thing they put a lot... there were probably 400 kids. We setup next to the registration table and I tied flies from 8 AM until noon. Lot's of kids came by and watched me tie flies and then toted them off with them. I attempted to teach them how to fish those flies under a bobber for trout but don't know if any of them did or not. The wind was blowing from the north at approximately 15 mph and cold, cold, cold...
Mic and Robin gave fly casting instruction also which was very well received.

Teaching kids to fish and helping kids fish is such a fun thing to do. If you ever get a chance, put your own pole down and take the time to fish with a kid. The look on their little face will be priceless.

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