Monday, January 14, 2013

Praise God I'm back

As mentioned in my last posting I was not feeling very well during most of the summer. I thought the issues I was having were either heat related or allergies (or both). Well, I found out on Halloween that was not the case. It seems I had two subdural hematomas (brain bleeds). In the process of getting prepared for the surgery to repair the brain bleeds I also found out that all four of my main arteries to my heart were blocked 98-100% so I also would have to have open heart surgery. So, all of these surgeries took place over a two month period and I walked out of the hospital on December 10th. I am now well on my way to recovery and healing. I am on limited activity until February 4th and then I should be able to return to a normal lifestyle.
A lot of folks were (and still are) praying for me during all of this process and I cannot thank you enough for those prayers.
I am able to fish so I've been going to Waterloo Pond and catching my fair share of the stocker trout. It's better than sitting around watching Judge Joe!!! LOL

If you're out this weekend I'll be at the Red River Rendezvous at Bonham State Park all day Saturday.