Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going to The Maker for needed changes...

Friday I took my wood yak to my brother for some needed changes and touch-ups.
I have fished it really hard this year and therefore it has some blemishes and rough spots that need attention from The Maker.

When I started thinking about it I realized we all need to go to Our Maker every now and then for a little adjustment, removal of some rough spots, and a few blemishes.
We float through life for long periods of time and along the way we pick up those
things that we need to take Him and let Him smooth them over for us.
So, if you haven't  taken some time lately to look at those rough spots in your life 
there's no time like today to lift them up to "Our Maker". He will be faithful to make them right.

Then go fishing!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Latest STUFF

I know I haven't posted vacation stuff yet but things have been crazy since we got back. We are in the middle of setting up the Reel Recovery retreat this coming Sunday - Tuesday at Joshua Creek Ranch in Boerne, setting up the Reel Recovery fundraiser at Chimy's in Ft. Worth, attempting to setup folks to fill officer positions in ye old fly fishing club, and preperation for a FFF Southern Council meeting in December. So, (breathe) having said all that you see that I've been kinda busy.

I have fished some lately. The last two Friday's I fished with the DFF at Bethany Lakes and Palos Verdes Lake. We had really good success at Bethany and caught a few at Palos Verdes.

Thursday I went with several guys from DFF to the TPWD Freshwater Fishery in Athens to fish with folks from the Plano Senior Center who had completed the Basic Fly Fishing Class. We had a blast there catching catfish and bass on the fly.

Saturday I went with Russell Husted and Les Jackson to the Nolan River near Blum and did some off-season wade fishing. It started out slow and then we discovered a bunch of big ole bluegills schooling up in a section of the river. We got on them and almost every cast yeielded a fish. It was great fun.

We left there and headed home but of course three fat boys couldn't resist stopping to eat. So, we stopped in Cleburne at the Burger Bar for lunch.

Yes it’s small, the building is about twelve foot square. Yes it’s old, they’ve been making burgers here for 50 or 60 years. According to the owner of The Burger Bar, the building was originally the office area for a wagon yard. That’s wagon as in horse and wagon. The barn burned down leaving only this tiny building which became a taxi stand then a used car lot and then finally The Burger Bar.

The grill they cook on is 100 years old and the owner credits it for the great taste of the burgers. The fries are good. Not like those fries you get at fast food restaurants that taste like they never met a potato in their life. They have sodas available in long neck bottles. I don’t know where they get them, but they looked old enough to be collectible.

The owner and her husband purchased the business three years ago to keep a long standing tradition going in Cleburne Texas. They frequently get customers in who have driven great distances just to eat in this place.