Friday, September 12, 2008

Texoma striper fishin on the fly...

I went fishing today with Scott Bridges, a Texoma striper guide. We were fly fishing and hoping to break my current record (15 inch) striper. We got on the water early and the fish were being very evasive. They were not surfacing anywhere. Scott began scouting his favorite spots and soon found some deep schooling fish. He began "calling" (don't ask, you have to see it to believe it) the fish while I began casting and stripping with his TFO 6wt a clouser and a sinking tip line. I had never cast with sinking tip line so it was quite an experience for me. After about six casts I was stripping the line in and got a bump. I did a strip hookset and nothing so I kept stripping. On the second strip I hooked up and the fight was on. It was a strong fish and I could tell it had some size to it. I continued to fight the fish and soon got it near the boat so Scott could net it. It was a fat fish that measured around 18 inches. We caught several other stripers and sand bass. It was a very fun and educational trip. Thanks Scott for a great trip.

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