Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake Bonham Saturday

In spite of the 15-20 mph wind I decided to hitch up the boat and go to Lake Bonham. When I go there the wind was fairly calm but that did not last. I launched and headed for one of my super secret spots and began fishing. I worked the shoreline tossing a slow sinking #6 spider (a Pearow creation). I hooked up with several nice bluegills and then I cast up next to a dock and BAM the fight was on. I fought the fish for a good amount of time with it running and sounding and finally got it up next to the boat. It was a nice sized channel cat that was plumb full of eggs. I released her and decided to look for a protected cove since the wind had picked back up. I went to the cove and motored back to the back of it and started fishing my way out. I caught several more big gills and channels and even foul-hooked a big ole channel in the tail which gave me a good fight until the hook came out. I then cast up next to some weeds which were under a tree and hooked up with a sweet 2 pound LMB. I was off the water before 9AM and headed home.

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