Sunday, November 13, 2011

Latest stuff...

Today I fished Loy Lake with Greg. It was a windy nightmare and my first skunking at Loy. My main objective was to try out the new yak with the fish finder and anchor trolley installed. They worked perfectly.

Yesterday we went to Tish to the Blue River Trout Derby to talk fly fishing. We met lots of folks and had a great time.

We met a guy named Ted Meador who caught the biggest trout on Sunday weighing in at over 10 pounds.

(photo by Barry Shrader)

Last Saturday we had a fishing get-together at Pickens Lake with Mariner Sails.

Patty and I went to Tish a few weeks ago and camped on Pennington Creek. It is a beautiful park and the fishing is great there on the creek.

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