Sunday, September 25, 2016

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had joined the Manley Rods Pro Staff.
Today I want to tell you a little more about the company and their rods.

Terry L. Manley's vision was to create the best performing fishing rod on the market. To do that he invented the patent-pending MRF (Multifunctional Rod Foundation) System (AKA the Adjust-A-Butt System). The MRF System is extremely durable and it allows anglers to adjust the length of the butt for different styles or types of fishing.



The Gold Series Manley Rods are built with versatility in mind. The flexibility of the MRF System allows the angler to use one rod for multiple techniques or lures. With our high modulus, proprietary blend blank, these rods are sensitive enough to let you feel everything while having all the backbone you'll ever need so you can enjoy a strong run, not fear it.
Manley Rods Gold Series


The Platinum Series Manley Rods are built with one purpose: to perform at the highest level. Whether you’re a bass addict or redfish junkie, these rods will give you peace of mind in knowing you’ll feel every bite while having all the backbone you need to pull a big fish out of heavy cover. The flexibility of the MRF System allows the angler to use one rod for multiple techniques or lures, reducing the number of rods you need to keep on the boat. These rods will meet the needs of even the most competitive anglers and help you get more fish in the boat when it counts.

Manley Rods Platinum Series

I have been fishing with both the Gold and Platinum Series rods for several years now and have found them to perform better than any other rods I have ever owned. They are super sensitive  to even the lightest strike or bump. I love the MRF System as it allows me to carry less rods in the kayak and still be able to fish a variety of different baits by adjusting the length of the butt. 

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