Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fish Fear Me...

... that's what my hitch cover says. Well it's true they do and in two days they'll be nervous again. I'm sooooooo ready for a few days off and some agressive fishing. Last week I worked one of my days off and then turned around and worked 12 hours on Sunday as well. Therefore, I'm ready to relax and do some fishin. I've located crappie in shallow water and they are biting really good on both hand tied jigs and on electric chicken Panfish Asassins. Most of what I have caught are still full of eggs so for some reason they have not spawned. Maybe the heat combined with the nice weather will bring them in shallow in numbers and then the bite will be on.

Good luck and tight lines,


"Quit being grumpy and go fishin. You'll feel better and so will we."

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