Monday, May 26, 2008

Crappie WOOOHOOO !!!

Aaron and I went fishing Saturday and I caught mega crappie. I also caught a number of sandbass, green and redear sunfish, and LMB. It was a great fishing day. Of course, I whooped Aaron. He says "let's go to the river so I can beat you again". He beat me once at the Red River and now it's "beat you again?" . Oh well.
It was his first time to kayak fish and he asked me "why didn't we do this a long time ago?". Well, I, just like everyone else, thought kayaks were pretty scary. You see people in them turning over, doing eskimo rolls and stuff and it kinda doesn't make them very appealing. Fishing kayaks are not like those white water yaks. They are more stable and designed for fishing.

I also went Sunday morning and caught several crappie and sandbass before the wind began gusting and I headed for the boat ramp. I'll be off for five days starting Wednesday so check back soon for more fishing updates.


"Quit being grumpy and go fishin. You'll feel better and so will we."

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