Sunday, November 16, 2008

Latest TCF news...

Last week I went fishing at Lake Fork with my brother. When we got there he opened the back of his truck and showed me a fly tying desk. He asked what I thought of it and I replied that it was "very cool". He said "good because it's yours".

TCF fly tying bench

Oh, and he caught all the fish that morning.
I caught the proverbial


I recently went to the Red River to take a look at the water level. When I got there the level was GREAT and I observed a guide boat on the river wearing out the stripers. Well, I couldn't pass that up so I grabbed my fly rod, 2 clousers, and my vest and off I went. I waded out about knee deep and began casting. On my second cast I hooked up with a nice striper.

Please excuse the quality of the pic. This was an unplanned trip so the camera was home. I used my cell phone in a pinch.

This weekend I signed up for a jig swap so I had to get it in gear and tie 20 jigs. I got them all done and even made a custom jig/fly box to ship them back and forth in.


I'm off tuesday through Saturday of next week so stay tuned for more misadventures of Ole TCF.

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