Thursday, April 10, 2014

Proud new papa!!!

I am proud to announce the arrival of a new member to my fleet. Yesterday I picked up my new Native Ultimate 12FX from Mariner Sails. I had originally ordered the FX in the Copperhead Camo color and at the eleventh hour I was having buyers remorse and craving the Lizard Lick camo color. When the boat came in it was a Hunter camo color (the same as my Slayer 14.5). They also received a blue FX15 tandem and a Lizard Lick FX12. SO, I chose the LL FX12. 

The new FX series of the Ultimate is greatly improved over the classic Ultimates.  The Ultimate series of fishing kayaks have evolved to be even more comfortable, stable and angler friendly. The Ultimate FX 12 adds First Class High-Low seating, a wider standing platform, molded in rod stays and two anchor trolleys to the best hybrid kayak fishing platform. Plus touches like bungee over the bow and stern, a quick drain hole with Super Seal Plug, and extra padding in the footwells and on the rear thwart have been added as well. It is a more stable ride sitting or standing - Comfortable support for rear end and lower back - Ideal for flat water and up to Class II rivers.

I am looking forward to trying her out this weekend on the S Llano River in Junction as I will be there for our Annual TPWD Area Chief Conference & Training.

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