Monday, April 28, 2014

The Fleet

Well, it was bound to happen and it did!!!
I fell so head over heels in love with the new Native Ultimate FX12 that I had to have the new FX15 Tandem as well. That makes me a 3 Native owner (as I sold the Slayer to buy the FX15T). The FX15T is going to be a great addition to the fleet for several reasons.

  1. it give me the ability to paddle Patty around
  2. it gives me the ability to paddle another fisherman around
  3. it gives me the ability (as stated in #2) to paddle a client around should I decide to start guiding again
  4. it adds a nice boat to the fleet for family outings
  5. The FXT15 is capable of being a tandem or a solo boat so if I find myself on a large body of water I can use it in the solo position.
SO, I am excited about the options associated with the addition of this new boat.

Here's the whole fleet, on the trailer, ready to go!

Tight lines,

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